CAPABILITIES :TURNING (Swiss Screw, Chuckers and Multi-Axis Machinery)

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Swiss turning is used to make small, slender, complex and precision components. This is possible due to its unique design. In the swiss turning machine, the bar stock material is gripped tightly and advanced by the sliding headstock through a guide bushing to the machining section. The machining section consists of stationary tools which are applied to the emerging bar stock. As only the part of the bar to be machined is exposed from the guide bushing, there is minimum deflection which allows the turning of small accurate precision parts. If the part is longer and needs more grip support at the front end, a sub spindle can be applied to grip it to reduce deflection during cutting. Accurate and close toleranced parts are possible with tight toleranced guide bushings and finely ground bar stocks.

  • Swiss screw machining or swiss turning allows complete machining to be completed in a single operation through the incorporation of milling capabilities in the Y-axis, and drills and boring tools on the back tool stations.
  • Current CNC Swiss-type lathes in the market can take up to diameter 31mm bar stock and run above 10,000 RPM. These machines are very versatile and can be used to make small precision parts with complex part configuration and profiles for the automotive, medical and electronics industries, thus reducing cost from extra secondary operations.
  • CNC swiss turned parts or cnc swiss screw machined products are our niche solution to your requirement for turned parts from exotic metals and difficult to machine alloys.

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